Introducing a Complex Product to a Brand New Audience

Novatiq is a tech scale-up that supports privacy-centric programmatic advertising with an innovative advertising ID. The ID leverages telco network intelligence to verify brand and publisher first-party data, thereby enabling personalised advertising across the open web that’s compliant with all global privacy laws.

Too Many Dreams has been Novatiq’s Marketing Agency of record since February 2020, with the intimate and trusting partnership continuing to go from strength-to-strength.

The Challenge

When Novatiq first entered the market with its patented approach to user identity, there were some dominant, heavily financed competitors who were leveraging considerable marketing spend to drive brand awareness, principally through sponsorships and events.

Novatiq was not interested in pursuing a similar profligate approach and wanted to ensure their marketing was able to drive both brand awareness and understanding of their unique proposition.

Looking to engage a tripartite audience of telcos, brands, and publishers around a new and complex product, Novatiq turned to Too Many Dreams for support.

The Solution

Having conducted a thorough competitor audit, we recognised that most of the adtech competition were using their websites and newsletters principally as broadcast channels – sharing updates on what the company was doing, rather than providing value to their readers, by addressing their pain points.

Working with Novatiq, we agreed we needed to develop a content strategy that would be impactful, of a consistent high quality, sustainable over the long term, and which would drive highly relevant traffic to the Novatiq website.

Drawing on industry best practice, we established a digital content factory for Novatiq. This centres on an SEO-optimised blog programme where every piece of content relates to the issues that matter most to Novatiq’s core audiences.

When creating the content plan, we adopted a pillar and cluster approach to content creation. To do so, we first considered the key themes where Novatiq wanted to take a leadership position. These became our pillars. From there, we built out relevant clusters of content for each pillar. Each website blog post that makes up one of the clusters is typically around 800-1,000 words – a manageable length for an interested reader. At regular intervals throughout the year, we then produce a pillar post, which covers a topic in more depth, anywhere between 2,500-3,500 words. This content is optimised so that it provides internal links to the relevant cluster content, thereby supporting the position that Novatiq is a credible source of information and insight on these topics.

Having conducted a thorough SEO audit of both the Novatiq website and those of its competitors, we were then able to produce SEO-briefs for each piece of new content produced. This ensures the features written are both interesting to read and optimised so they can be found by the very people looking for that help and insight.

When developing and delivering an SEO-driven content strategy, it is important not to have the mindset that the content you produce is ‘one-and-done’ or forgotten about. New content is constantly being produced and published online and, if you don’t maintain a careful view of how your content is performing, previously successful pages can become stale and lose their ability to drive relevant audiences to your website.

To prevent this from happening, alongside our quarterly business reviews, in 2023 we implemented a more thorough audit of the 15 best-performing content pages across the site.

Alongside the production of up to 4 new blogs per month, we also launched a company newsletter in 2023, but again we took an approach that enabled Novatiq to stand out from the rest of the market. While we included reference to the latest news and success from the brand, this was secondary to providing commentary and Novatiq’s unique perspective on the key news stories from the last month. In this way, our objective was, again, to provide value to the subscribers who read the newsletter each month.

The Impact

Since the content hub launched, traffic to the Novatiq website has grown by several hundred percent. Several years into the strategy, organic sessions and unique users continue to grow at an impressive rate year-on-year. When we started work in 2020 there were fewer than 200 visitors per month to the website. Organic traffic has since increased to over 1,200 unique visitors per month, with over 4,900 organic sessions in Q1 2024 – a 6x fold increase. Novatiq’s top 5 features now rank in the first or second search position for their primary keywords in both the UK and US. We have also started to secure valuable ‘zero-click’ snippet results within Google search, demonstrating the perceived quality of the content.

In addition, the Novatiq content is gaining a reputation as credible, high-quality, informative thought leadership, with an increasing number of third-party websites organically linking to the Novatiq site content. While backlinks have not been a core part of our SEO-led content strategy, the media titles that have found and now link to Novatiq content are helping with the site’s Domain Authority, which in turn drives higher SERP rankings.

One year into our newsletter strategy, our readership continues to increase by around 11% month-on-month, with an open rate over 30%, and a click-through rate and open-to-click through rate well above industry averages.

"Too Many Dreams quickly got to grips with what is a highly complex technology and built and executed a plan that consistently produces compelling and impactful thought leadership content. The team is a joy to work with and we consider each of their specialists an extension of our Marketing department. The company continues to be a trusted partner to our business.”
Jurgita Rudzyte,
Director of Marketing, Novatiq


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