Adsquare Website Redesign: Creating Distinctiveness in a Crowded Adtech Market

Adsquare is an award-winning location intelligence platform. The company pioneered the use of location insights, spatial, audience and movement data, to provide a holistic view of consumers. Brands and agencies that leverage their technology are able to deliver richer, contextually relevant, and better performing advertising campaigns.

The Challenge

Adsquare recognised that to remain a leader in the fiercely competitive adtech industry they needed to ensure their brand matched the sophistication of their technology. In addition to a consideration of the brand’s aesthetic, they also wanted to ensure that the way they talked about their product solutions matched the evolving needs of their clients.

The Solution

The original brief suggested we keep the existing taxonomy and colour scheme but update the web copy and visuals. We took it much further. With the client’s blessing, we re-architected the entire site, designing a radically different look-and-feel, introduced micro-animations to bring the stories to life, created a more intuitive knowledge hub – ‘The Lab’ – for their content and brought the brand to life in a contemporary and distinctive manner.

To take these bold steps we first had to consider the context in which the design work would appear. We therefore conducted a thorough competitor audit to see the strengths and weaknesses of the other adtech platforms Adsquare competed with. We also used this phase to understand the market characteristics and what an ‘in-category’ website would look like. In this case it involved lots of stock imagery, flat, somewhat generic iconography, and static dashboard screengrabs.

From here, we considered the role the Adsquare website would play within its marketing mix. These objectives were:

  • Acquisition – help convert prospects into new customers, acknowledging various degrees of product knowledge/familiarity.
  • Education – help new and existing customers to discover new ways to use the platform.
  • Trust – communicate that Adsquare is a credible, trustworthy, global company and worthy of a brand’s time and investment.
  • Communicate – create a brand flavour that helps differentiate Adsquare from the category.

Following the creation of three different design routes, we were delighted that Adsquare committed to the most visually striking and impactful design, utilising layered imagery, typography, and graphical elements to create collages that each tell their own visual micro story.

Introducing an origin story and interactive milestones slider on the Company page allowed us to introduce more warmth and humanity, bringing the brand’s rich heritage to life in a compelling manner.

The collage approach enabled us to explain complex technical solutions in a way that brought immediate relevance to the accompanying copy. As we rewrote all the marketing copy, we ensured it was in plain English and free from unnecessary industry jargon, making it more accessible to both new and existing customer segments. Other creative elements including case studies that could be toggled to experience real-world animated visuals of the dashboard in action.

Updating the taxonomy allowed us to guide different audiences, from advertisers to data and platform partners, to relevant sections of the website quickly and intuitively.

With a deep catalogue of whitepapers and reports, client campaign inspirations, technical insights, company news and blogs, we wanted to ensure these could be surfaced in a way that provided value to the site visitor. Building out the Adsquare Lab enabled us to filter this wide range of materials by client campaign goal, industry vertical, and content type. This approach created a more engaging experience and allowed Adsquare to promote additional relevant content to its audiences.

The Impact

Following the web redesign, the collage storytelling approach has been deployed across all Adsquare marketing materials. It continues to work hard and stands out amongst a sea of identikit adtech players.


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