Crafting Valuable Content to Drive Marketing Qualified Leads

Novatiq is a tech scale-up that supports privacy-centric programmatic advertising with an innovative advertising ID. The ID leverages telco network intelligence to verify brand and publisher first-party data, thereby enabling personalised advertising that’s compliant with global privacy laws.

Too Many Dreams has now been Novatiq’s Marketing Agency of record since February 2020, with the intimate and trusting partnership continuing to go from strength-to-strength.

The Challenge

Having successfully built out an SEO-led content strategy that was driving increasing numbers of relevant audiences to the Novatiq website, it was then important to capture relevant, interested potential partners as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Novatiq also recognised that partnering with telecommunications companies had a long and complex sales cycle, as multiple stakeholders from across the business would be involved. This is particularly true for the unique solution Novatiq can provide as it is a completely new value proposition for the telco, outside of their core service and value-added service offerings.

The Solution

Working closely with the Novatiq leadership, Too Many Dreams’ expert copywriter developed an outline framework for a whitepaper aimed at senior telecoms specialists. At over 5,000 words, the report – ‘Digital Identity Verification for a Privacy-First World: A Growth Strategy for Telcos’ – was intended to be a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the opportunity. This included market sizing, the broader context that makes this the right time for action, case studies, business benefits, and a summary emphasising how telcos can lean into this new revenue stream.

Once written and produced, the whitepaper was made available as a free download from the Novatiq website in return for some basic contact details. The report was then regularly included in relevant marketing materials, including cross-referenced blog posts, social media posts on LinkedIn, and in Novatiq’s monthly newsletter, all of which were crafted by Too Many Dreams.

The comprehensive nature of the report meant that this could become a powerful piece of evergreen content and would not easily date. Nonetheless, we ensured that the content was reviewed at least once a year and relevant updates applied, including introducing the latest market statistics available.

The Impact

Since launch in May 2021, the report has continued to provide a valuable source of MQLs. In 2023, Marketing of the report created over 260 downloads, which subsequently led to 56 demo requests from highly relevant potential partners.

“Our high quality content has to perform several important and distinct roles. Firstly, it needs to drive relevant audiences to our website. It then needs to be entertaining and informative and provide value to the reader. And, finally, it needs to create opportunities for our commercial teams to engage with potential new clients and partners. The telco whitepaper produced by Too Many Dreams continues to successfully address each of these three objectives.”
Jurgita Rudzyte,
Director of Marketing, Novatiq


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